If you own or operate a plumbing business, it’s very likely that you’ve been told at some point that you need to have a website as part of your digital marketing strategy. But why? What makes website for plumbing business so important? Here are 10 great reasons your plumbing business needs a website.

1) Get Found with SEO

SEO, or search engine optimization, is as important to a website as water is to plumbing. That’s why you need your business’s website to be optimized for SEO. You want people looking for your services (water heater replacement, drain cleaning) to be able to find you when they use search engines like Google and Bing.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps you get found on search engines so more people will click on your website instead of your competitors’ websites. If people can’t find you through SEO, it doesn’t matter how well-designed your site is; if no one can find it then no one will visit it and hire you!

2) Showcase your work

Having a website that showcases your work gives customers an idea of what you do, while also showcasing your skills. No one wants to hire just anyone; they want to hire someone who can do good work. If you have photos of what you’ve done in the past, it can help paint a better picture of what kind of work you can do for them.

Potential clients may be able to see if you are fit for their project by viewing examples on your site. To succeed in business, show people what you can do and how much you value quality and expertise. Establishing yourself as a trustworthy source is key to long-term success. A web presence means exposure: Whether or not potential clients decide to retain your services, having a web presence will expose your plumbing business and work to new clients.

With more exposure comes more opportunity: Sure, some people might end up following through with hiring you even if they don’t need immediate plumbing services because they like seeing what kind of quality (and costs) other customers got out of working with you.

3) Give detailed information about your plumbing services

The most important things your website should include are: your business address, phone number and hours of operation; a map to your business; detailed information about your services, including pricing for all of them (since no two jobs are exactly alike); pictures or videos of some of your work so clients can see what they will get before they call you to start working. You should also include information about materials that may affect how you do your job.

Some things like gas pipes have very strict building codes, while others like storm drains don’t. Having all that information on one page makes it easy for customers to quickly find what they need in order to call you quickly.

4) Showing social proof

Establishing credibility can be difficult when you’re new to an industry. While there are several ways to overcome any hesitations your prospects may have, one of the most effective is to provide them with proof that other people have worked with you in some capacity. Whether it’s testimonials from former clients or references from colleagues who can vouch for your abilities, showing social proof is an excellent way to build trust among customers and prospects.

What’s more, building a website for your plumbing business will give potential customers—even those who’ve never hired you before—an opportunity to get acquainted with you and your services online. And if they like what they see (and what they read), chances are good that they’ll reach out to work with you at some point in time.

5) Create more leads

If you’re trying to grow your plumbing business, there are two big ways you can do that: get more customers or increase how much money each customer spends. Getting more customers is simple; getting them to come back multiple times and refer their friends is not. One of your best opportunities for doing just that? Adding a professional website where people can find all of your information in one place.

6) Save money on ads

One of the biggest reasons that plumbing businesses should have their own website is because it saves them money. While putting ads in print and on TV are two ways of promoting a plumbing business, they can be costly. Even if you’re buying discounted advertising, paying for ads at all means passing along some costs to your customers.

A website costs nothing for customers to view, meaning no costs are passed on, making your prices look cheaper than competitors who advertise elsewhere. With print and TV ads, there’s always that moment when consumers ask themselves: Why would I pay more if they’re advertising everywhere? Having a great website allows you to answer that question with confidence.

7) Appear professional and experienced

Many potential customers will only contact your business if they can find it online. If you’re just starting out, they might be skeptical that you can offer high-quality service—but with a website in place, those potential customers will know that you are established and experienced.

Even if they don’t hire you right away, your website will give them peace of mind to know that they can call on you at any time. Having an impressive website also means that search engines will see your business as more reputable and authoritative than smaller competitors without websites. This helps ensure higher rankings in search results and leads to more clicks from search engine users .

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